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Sample Shrinkwrapped  or Semicustom Software Applications

NOTE: Our applications are not maintained in over-the-counter "shrink wrap" form, they generally have a "reference design" modality intended for final customization to meet certain customer requirements.

Digital Delivery of High Performance Video Software - Digiteliverance: Virtual Video Camera Feed-Link for Broadcasters, latches on to most existing digital TV net output in CVAM and HDTV modes, allows for rebroadcasting to the Web.

Matrix Development Kit:  Accelerated Graphical Rendering and Game Development Kit for PAL, Phone, Smartphone, PC and PDA based Games where interplatform compatibility is required.  Compatible with: CE, Mobil Windows, Mobil and Embedded Windows XP, Windows XP, Symbian, Penbex, PalmOS, Linux, Java Phone and other major operating systems for PCs, PDAs and Phones.  Designed for development in the Windows XP environment with automatic translation to other platforms.  For more information click here...

Deep Sand:  Logic-Analytical Accelerator for multiple CPU computer systems (both multiway and multinode).  Useful for search engines, advanced gaming systems such as Chess and Cribbage servers, large scale computation engines and related systems applications. FPGA based currently in use.   For more information: click here...

Securitas™:  Customizable system monitoring technology designed to record usage that violates certain security policies in a local, remote or embedded device network (this version supports x.25, ISDN, BRI, v.90/92, DGR, ONA, IP, IP Telephony, GSM, PCS and other networks) and for the purposes of introducing protective countermeasures without degrading computer system, PDA or Smartphone performance.  Useful in monitoring baseline security requirement compliance within secure service zones.  Implements W2IS's "Self Reconfiguring Adaptive Momentary Firewall" (SRAM/F) technology and advanced "HoloLink" invisible observer and relay technology.  For more information: click here...

Handicard / Thumbcard™: Single thumbprint or handprint oriented border security or POS payment and wallet / card management (plus bill payment) system.  The thumb edition is useful for the purposes of replacing the global use of physical credit cards, checks and cash payments, allows binding personal accounts with personal portfolio of banks, bankcards and cash repositories. Intended for use in real world and web e-merchandising as a secure alternative to slower credit card transactions.  Uses a single thumb press, six digit PIN model that can be upgraded to Hand, Retina and DNA scans by "Scalable Bioauthentication" feature later on.  A Hypermodel (for discussion purposes only!) of the management suite may be found here...  For more information: click here...

VSDN™: Video Systems Distribution Network Suite.  A complete distribution system for use by Movie Houses and Cinema Studios / Wholesalers.  Implements "XV2" a Technicolor-3 Compatible, Media Player compatible codec system for compression and decompression that supports Screen Resolutions up to 32768 video lines and projected / plasma image sizes up to (24 x 36) feet (72 dpi to 200 dpi screen types). Includes high speed Movie Distribution Transport System (MDTS) for Theaters with Accutrans system for 100% reproduction upon receipt of image by network transmission, full Encryption Protection and Watermarking system, a complete Theater Storage Module for up to 24 film simultaneous storage, update and playback with 0% loss of signal (0% Loss Technology) during playback on Theater Screen, and Theatrical Attendance and Ticketing POS system with full support for current credit card, Web box office, and other payment methods and promotional system.  Includes "Instant Trailer", "On Screen Ads" and "On Screen Preview" Generator Module.  For more information: click here...

Web Objex™:  Web based objects useful to hosting developers.  Included in this suite are a universal product pricing tool, a dynamic object visualization tool, a navigation menu that eliminates dependency upon Java or ASX pages, a mail service tool "BuddyMail" that links email services to online chat, allowing mail associated with confirmed members of various online service Buddy Lists to be placed in a different inbox than email received from other sources, to block spam, a product called "HyperDelivery" that allows up to 255 computers to cooperate in delivering individual web pages at a single IP address without the overhead or pricing associated with BGP/4 solutions, and more than 100 other components and strategic code segments.  For more information: click here...

[ a full listing of applications may be obtained by contacting Worldwide... ]


Basic Web and Security Development Services                                                  SAMPLE CLIENTS
Teledge Communications, SBC Film Tel, Universal Studios, Paramount, CBS, NBC News Network, Superior Wines USA -,  Richard J. Kaplow, PA -, (Casino Law Firm), Nordling Dean Electric, Master Web (used in house by several huge ISPs as their internal CRM for Film Studios).
Software and Custom Software for Hardware Development Services
Nabisco, AT&T, Prudential, Lockheed, Mosler, Northrup, IBM Corp, ADP, AGS, US Government, AT&T, MCI, FTS2000, ADT, American Computer Company, American Computer Scientists Association, General Atomics, NY Life, Sarnoff Research,  PictureTel, CDI
Network Design and Software Security Services
IBM Corp, AT&T, MCI, Galloping Hill Surgical Supply, United States Department of Justice, Teltech, Prudential, Nabisco, GM, US Government, US Air Force NRO, Naval Research Laboratories, Trane, Joint Interop, Dreamworks, Mile High Entertainment, Jersey Coast Films, Infinity Television.
Operating System Provisioning, Requirements Review/Recommendation, System Programming.

Microsoft, Infinity TV, NBC, Sealand, JPL, Trane, US Air Force NRO, NSA, AT&T, IBM Corp, US Lines, Verizon, VSAT, Continental Resources, Wells Fargo Bank, GM, Tennessee Life Sciences Museum, Smithsonian, PAL Computers, Boys N the Hood, Various Law Offices, Covenant Venture Capital, Barrington Capital, DH Blair, Citibank, NJ School Districts

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