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    Worldwide Entertainment Group, Information Systems LLC is a premiere Entertainment Group with a twist.  Our Jersey Coast Films unit is a traditional film production/development business unit with resources greatly enhanced by our long standing software and hardware development company which, over the years, has revolutionized CGI technology, changed the desktop computer world, and which possesses its own Satellite Interconnected data centers in six strategic locations around the world, enabling us to bring an unparalleled degree of automation and computerization to the Film Making process, resulting in a significant reduction in costs to the modern Filmmaker versus comparatives.  We provide both shrink-wrap solutions and custom, and through our network of data centers provide customers with remotely hosted applications and co-location.  We provide a single, unified means to Pre and Post, and offer untold resources for workmanship enhancement and worker productivity.

   Today, we support any preferential broadcast, production, CGI, Effects, capture, editing and assist platform available, with a focus on mechanisation of the procedures within each Filmproject, leading to recapture of process, optimized efficiency, and a reduction in waste, realizing in production as much as a 70% lowering of the cost to produce an entertainment grade production, whether for Theater, DVD, E-Online or Television. The many echnology platforms we develop on include Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris, Apple Mac, IBM/VM, Novell, Unixware, Linux, IrMX, DOS, IBM/VSE, Symbian and Longhorn, we express no techno-prejudice, and when we see an opportunity during development, production or release, we leverage our vast experience to parallel other merchandising venues with substantial technological offerings including Games, Product Face Merchandising Technology, Co-branded Productions, and Cross Marketing. We develop using a repertoire of CGI tools, C++, VB, Scientific Fortran++ (for creating unique visuals for Sci Fi and Fantasy), various language, AI Systems, AI for Robotics, and a vast assemblage of refined techologies, allowing Filmmakers to push the envelope well beyond the technological accomplishments of the competition without having to use Brute Force Economics to achieve the desired results.  In that respect, we can easily outgun the technological facilities of companies like Pixar and Dreamquest, enabling equal or better results with a much lower budget.  Our "continuous database development" technology uses advanced procedures.

   We also develop specialty software under contract such as "software-for-hardware" development, drivers, operating systems enhancement and embedded o/s's and firmware, not previously used in the film making process. We possess software engineering skills not found in most major technology companies.  Backing up those skills: a massive secondary software programming and custom software resource talent pool of available software professionals, from whom we pick and choose the very best of the best for every application we write.  Our services are entirely affordable and accomplish what others only aspire.  Areas of unique development capability include datacomm packages, digital video rendering, systems backup, complex applications software including business office apps, specialty government apps and special security programming.

    We devote our time to timely and quality preparation of software and source code, leveraging revision compatible regression analysis and established inspection and quality assurance.  There is no application we can't or won't develop.  Our sample customers define how we've marketed our capabilities as the premiere software development "for hire" engineering and software for hardware development business in the world.  To us, all projects must be created equally in quality: whether its leveraging Media Player or other advanced Microsoft technology, Intel based computers, AMD based processors, whether it's embedded systems or one using an obscure, dedicated software environment, or an advanced supercomputer needed to create a heretofor unassailable graphical personality, we're there - and we've been there for a good long time, we're nearly 30 years old, starting out as a group of young programmers fresh out of college. 


   The first priority of any business entertainment, entertainment web or other application system developer should be to "deliver the goods".  Worldwide focuses on that aspect and on penetrating past design to achieve the desired goal.  Many times, designs fall short of accomplishing what a business has set out to do with a computer.  We continuously analyze and upgrade the goals of our projects by frequent re-review with the customers.  We provide software and hardware development that is unparalleled while simultaneously delivering managed web domain services: hosting, promotion, ecommerce, content delivery, market expansion, business development, tools provision, intranet and internet, asp and .net, data mining and data mine development and other services.  The technology we bring to bear, drawn from all possible choices, is the best practice for your business or e-business, anything needed to promote your attainment of monthly revenue goals, quality control, loss prevention, human resources management, communications, cost control and all the other myriad "hard points" that make adapting to an Internet-driven world both vital and potentially difficult. 

We shall do everything we can to set your mind at ease. The goal?

We make the Entertainment Developer's job, as management, 50% less risky. 

Unlike most software / hardware development and internet service companies: we really take the time to understand your project and business and bring decades of business expertise and forword looking knowledge to bear. We know how to integrate seamlessly with you and your staff, we're easy to deal with, and can achieve what you have in mind!   And our unique mix of understanding and expert program development can drive your bottom line profitability to levels you set forth.  We can even design special interfaces that make your customers happy with you again in cases of lost visibility or lost relationships.  Whether your market basket needs rehabilitating, or you simply want an easier, less labor intensive way to accomplish what's been costing you a small fortune in other venues: Worldwide will be there for you, when doing it yourself alone is not the issue..


   While we are based in the United States, and our core software development staffs are here, we range as far and wide as the Pacific Rim, the Middle East, Europe, Alaska, even Hong Kong, in provision of Entertainment software development projects.  We also maintain an elite technical staffing program that can supply your IT and Systems support during production, help gear up your internal systems for a major production, and supply spot programming personnel where the work may be required.  Our staff can speak multi-languages, and our software and software for hardware can be developed in multi languages. We can use the same technology to help produce your Filmwork in Multiple Languages in Multiple mediums, including the Web, Theater, Radio, Sattellite Broadcast, Free to Air, PayPerView, Resort, Hospitality, Transportation/Air or any other outlet.  We are truly "Worldwide'.  Yet, when it comes to security, we speak IP, we speak PGP and DES, we speak BIOMETRICS, we speak TELECOM, SATCOM, VOIP, DOIP and DATACOM and we speak "Keeping the Entertainment Enterprise and Intellectual Property Safe".  You won't find another company as capable of serving you securely.


    We believe there is not another software development / technical company in our industry that exceeds our quality.  That being said, we are constantly in a state of updating the skills and education of our staff.  We arrange for staff participate with various extension programs at Microsoft, Berkeley, Stamford, Columbia, Yale, Harvard, IBM, MIT, NJIT, Rutgers and Princeton Universities, Cornell, USC and other schools, broadcast educators and film schools, so that skills are constantly refined and enhanced among our programmer and support staff.  The results: software development that is unparalleled.


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